Friday, June 15, 2012

Moving in the Right Direction

We prayed for an increase in my progesterone and it DID go up a tiny bit! Last week is was 14.89 and this week it was 15.81.  A very minor increase but it did go UP and that is what my doctor wanted to see.  She also said more importantly is the fact that the baby was moving around like an acrobat at my last appointment and the heartbeat was super strong and steady.  I have had this feeling of acceptance come over me this week like I actually feel pregnant.  I am not sure you can relate unless you have experienced a loss, but it was almost like a part of me was trying not to get attached in case we lost this baby as well.  But I have noticed myself daydreaming a lot more about our little baby, getting SO excited to learn the gender (but I already know it's a girl LOL!) and saying "when" this baby comes instead of "if".  I am physically feeling pregnant too.  Just noticing little things here and there.  Tomorrow we will be 13 weeks.  My doctor is having me come twice a week for awhile now.  Once for an ultrasound each week and the second appt. is for my lab work.  I am staying on the injections twice a week as well.  My husband is getting much better at giving them to me.
Thanks for all the prayers on our behalf! Please keep praying for our tiny miracle!

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