Monday, June 25, 2012


Last week my Progesterone was at 15.81.  It had risen less than point from the previous week (14.89).  Today i got my results from Friday and my new level is at 19.31!!! Almost 4 points higher!!! The "ideal" would be to have a level of at least 25 so it is getting very close! 
The weird thing is I had a reaction to my last two injections.  The injection Friday left my arm very sore and I had some red streaks.  Last night I got a 2" welt/hive immediately after the injection.  My husband and I got very scared and called the on-call doctor.  He suggested a hot compress and a follow up call to my regular OB today.  I called in and they said it is a sign of irritation from too much usage at a certain sight.  So, the bad news is I have to switch and get my shots in my hip.  I really don't like that at all but am thankful I do not have to stop the injections just yet.  If I react with a hive at my hip they will look to discontinue the meds.  Ideally my doctor would like me on them for 2 more weeks. 
No matter how you look at it though, it is good news!!!

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