Sunday, May 6, 2012

Make a Wish

Today we were outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  The Hippie brought me a dandelion puff and told me I could make a wish.  She said, "I think I know what you'll wish for, but you don't have to tell me because then it won't come true."  Then she said, "Mommy, do you believe that wishes really come true?"  I said, "Well, I believe that sometimes we wish for something and God let's it happen so it seems like a wish come true, but really it's a gift from God."  She said, "Yeah, I had some of mine answered.  When Daddy really needed a job, I came outside one day and wished on 16 dandelions that he would get a job and that he would not have to leave us all the time anymore.  Then after the baby died, I wished that we would get another brother or sister and now we have this new baby so I believe that too."
Melt. My. Heart.  Memories like this need to be blogged so we never forget.


Trinka said...

Oh how precious she is!

StephieD said...

Oh goodness! She is such a blessing! Give her an extra hug from me :)