Monday, May 7, 2012

7 Weeks 2 Days

Just a will see lots of posts this pregnancy.  This blog was created for my family so we have a record of our lives together and also for extended family to keep up to date on us.  So I am sorry if you find these updates dull. LOL!
Today I had my weekly blood draw for Progesterone.  Last week my level was 21.19 and today it was up to 24.0.  Still on the low end of normal but they want it over 20 and they want it to keep going up so I will take it!  I go  next Monday for another ultrasound and another blood draw.  I don't like all the needle sticks but I like having a thorough doctor and if a healthy baby is the result then they stick me as much as they want!
Have a great Monday!

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