Monday, October 31, 2011

All Clear

I had my post surgery two week check up today.  I was extremely nervous.  I am not sure why exactly?  I guess fear of the unknown and not knowing what they would do and if they would have any more bad news.  However, it went exceedingly well.  Everything is good and normal and I have the all clear!  That felt great to hear.  To top it off, we were blessed with an amazing doctor and nurse.  They actually know who we are.  And the doctor spent 30 minutes just talking and sharing with me.  She is also a Christian and she said how much she has been praying for us.  It drives home the importance of having a doctor you trust and that treats you well.  During this entire process we were treated with the utmost respect.  Our baby was ALWAYS referred to as a baby, my husband was fully acknowledged and included every step of the way and great care was taken to ensure that we had privacy.  It's not like it made it good, but it certainly helped and made us feel confident in the advice and care we were being given.  After getting good news from the doctor, I can now focus my prayers on a good news about a job for my husband!

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