Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I continue to be touched by people coming forward to share their stories with me.  Others come forward to tell me they are praying.  Just today I had an email from a lady my sister-in-law knows.  This particular woman has two children in Heaven.  Just now when I logged onto my blog, there was a comment left by a woman who recently lost a 4 month old daughter followed by losing another baby in a miscarriage.  While I hurt at hearing their stories, it does help heal a part of me too.  To know that others have made it through the loss of a child.  If they can do it, we can too.  To know that strangers are praying for us...it is amazing.  All the people willing to share their losses and experience, it is touching in a way that only those who have children in Heaven can understand.
Meanwhile, my parents bought me a book that has been a huge help on my road to healing and I wanted to share it here.  It is called "I'll Hold You in Heaven".

If you have ever lost a child, or had an abortion, this book is an amazing resource.  If you ever know someone who loses a child or has an abortion and are not sure what you can  do, I urge you to consider buying this book for them.  I have found hope and healing in this book.  It has answered questions that have been on my heart and mind.  Each question is answered directly from the one true source...the Bible. 
For those who have been praying for us, I thank you.  We can feel the prayers and we ask that you keep praying whenever we are brought to your mind.  There is no map for this journey and we appreciate the prayers to keep us moving forward.

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Stacia said...

Praying for you still as you continue to heal! I can't imagine what your going through but my heart aches for you and your family. Hugs!