Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our Hippie....the Artist

I cannot believe I went so many days without posting.  I have been SO busy lately!  Anyways, here is the latest work by our SIX YEAR OLD , the Hippie.  Prepare to be amazed.  I think she is amazing.  I actually got chills when I saw this...done 100% by her, but with instructions from her great, great teacher!

Yeah. She is talented.  I realize I am bragging, but I am her mommy and I claim my full Mommy rights to brag on her. LOL!
Hope everyone is having a safe and healthy weekend!


StephieD said...

Starry Night is one of my FAVORITE paintings of all time! She did such a good job copying it!!!

*Ross and Katy* said...

holy moley! I can barely draw stick figures, so I'm going to have to agree that your daughter is VERY talented! Way to go, Hippie!

Kendra said...

Wow, those really are amazing! I'm impressed beyond words. I can't wait to see what a wonderful artist she develops into.