Monday, April 18, 2011

Book Review "Max on Life"

Noone makes words come alive better than Max Lucado!  His new book "Max on Life" does not disappoint as he takes on some very tough questions that many of us ask.  He tackles questions regarding angels, worship, sex, getting along with others, money, marriage, Jesus, the Bible, homosexuality, grief, children, baptism, suicide, prayers, and so much more. 
The way this book is written makes it simple to sit and read just a question or two at a time.  He uses scriptures to back up everything in this book, so it makes a book to use in your personal devotions.  This book would be a great tool to give to someone who is new in their Christian walk as it helps you understand so much of what God is teaching us through His Word.
I found "Max on Life" hard to put down and I know it is a book I will refer to many times.

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