Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nothing Much to Say

I feel bad that I have not posted in several days. I love when I can have something daily.  I do enjoy blogging.  Lately things have been incredibly busy.  My husband has started back to school and is working on his Master's degree (MBA)!  That takes up most of his time.  So homework and the majority of the house stuff is falling to me.  Plus we are in the midst of prepping for another garage sale.  The girls have their activities.  Plus now our van is in the shop with engine troubles.  Since I really find myself feeling discouraged lately, I thought I would post a few pics to brighten up all our days!  (please excuse the quality, these came off my phone) 

The 9 month old Professor...always ready to help Mommy with the laundry!

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*Ross and Katy* said...

I love the fact that he's wearing his diaper on his head! And your husband is one brave, strong man! I've only been out of college for 3 years, but I don't think I could ever go back at this point! Good luck with it :)