Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Challenge

Hmmm, what are you doing May 23-30?  I am participating in the Flats and Handwashing Challenge.  But why am I?
Good question.
With our girls, we were not aware of modern cloth diapers.  When the Professor came along, we took the plunge and spent about $200 on a big stash of used cloth diapers, MODERN cloth diapers.  They are great, easy, fun and really accessorize well with outfits!  However, you can invest a LOT of money to start up your own cloth diapering.  This challenge is to show that anyone, anywhere can use cloth diapers.  It will save you money.  Loads of money.  It is also MUCH better for the environment.  This challenge is to use only covers and flats (think like your grandma's kind of cloth diapers).  There will be no use of a washing machine.  Just hand-washing with a homemade camp-style washer.  The flats typically dry in about 2 hours, so no need to use the dryer either.  For a family to use flats and covers for their baby, it would take less than $100 for ALL the diapers your child would need til they are potty trained.  If you are using disposable, do the math.  I mean, really sit down and do the math.  Then visualize the diapers you are stacking up in landfills.  If you feel discouraged, then I encourage you to try out this challenge.  You have absolutely nothing to lose, but plenty to gain.
But back to the why.  I am doing this to show others cloth is possible, no matter what your income.  Cloth is easy.  Cloth is fun.  Cloth is healthy.  And I never have to say, "well he's just a little wet. Let's leave the diaper on."  If I think he is wet, dirty or I just want to see a different color on his bottom, we change him.  I am not out to change the world, I just want to help people see the benefits of cloth and hopefully even get some cloth converts!


Trinka said...

So you're saying you intend to handwash your diapers for those days? Wow ... that sounds ... hardcore. :)

*Ross and Katy* said...

Will you let us know how you like the fitteds and covers? We are planning on cloth diapering our little dude when he gets here and we have about 25 AIO diapers that we have been picking up. I thought about getting some flats and covers, but it looks like a lot more work. I'd be really interested to see how you like them versus your normal ones (like the rumparooz!) Thanks :)

Clifford Jeffery said...

I will! I am going to be honest in my postings.
Trinka- Yes but not really by use a bucket and plunger type thing. I may get some good arm muscles, but i really want to give it an honest try!