Sunday, April 17, 2011


After three kids it has finally happened.  I scored and I scored BIG time!  The Professor has spoken his first word!  The Genius' first word was "backpack" (told ya she is a genius!).  The Hippie's first word was "uh-oh" (how cute is that?).  But.....the Professor's first word....."mama"! AWESOME!!! Our whole family was in the room so I have multiple witnesses and he said it several times and has said it several more times.  I so appreciative of the timing because today at lunch he used his first sign and said his second word, "milk".  I only made first word status by about 24 hours. Phew!  But I did it!!!!!  That little boys knows how to make his mommy melt =)

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*Ross and Katy* said...

YAY! According to my parents my first word was chocolate...not as good as mama, but hey, I was a smart little kid who knew what she wanted :)