Saturday, May 8, 2010

Someone moved in

Last year the girls made their daddy a birdhouse and a bird feeder!  When we moved into this house we hung them up.  No birds ever came to visit...til now!  Now we are faced with a dilemma since we move in a week.  They have the prettiest and loudest song!  Also, they are adorable!  We think it is the female who is sitting there holding the twig.  She typically stays in the house.  Meanwhile the male will go and get a twig and deposit it at the bottom of the ladder.  He then flies a few feet away and sings to her.  She climbs out, hops down the letter, picks up the twig and then takes it inside to keep building their nest.  It has been fun and amazing to watch!  But the poor Hippie is very conflicted.  She is not sure she wants to uproot the birds, but she doesn't want to leave the birdhouse she made Daddy either.  Poor kid!

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karen said...

Awwww...poor kid! That IS a tough one!