Monday, May 17, 2010

Settling In

Finally we are here.  The moving truck has been returned and the boxes are all unpacked and neatly organized the boxes are all in the house.  We have beds to sleep on and groceries in the fridge.  It is starting to feel like home.  Today was the icing on the cake though because we got our library cards!  The girls were excited because they got their own library cards.  They were also allowed to go to a smaller desk and check out their OWN books!  The Genius just loved this!  She picked a book about rainforests.  She came home and read THREE chapters in it and was telling us what she learned!   It was so exciting!  I have been waiting for her to want to pick up a book and just dig into it.  She even wanted to sleep with her new book tonight and she was so proud to have new information to share at dinner. 
I am still really tired from the move (and my poor husband is tired too).  I am feeling like I am 33 weeks pregnant....oh wait...I AM 33 weeks pregnant!  Hoping for an appointment later this week with my new doctor!
Have a great evening...I am off to bed.

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