Thursday, May 6, 2010

Party Prep.

Since we are moving prior to the Genius' 7th birthday, we are giving her a party about a month early.  She LOVES a good party with anyone who will come a few close friends.  This afternoon both girls were playing out in the yard.  All afternoon.  For around 4 hours.  What did they do?  They filled in holes in the dirt, raked pine needles and dirt, decorated with clovers and other flowers and made dirt rocks for their friends.  It was absolutely adorable!  Oh, they also picked up ALL the pine cones in the yard and piled them up for us.  Even though they were having fun, they saved us at least 1-2 hours of yard work!  As a treat, I made waffles for dinner.  They each ate 2 1/2!  I guess they worked up a big appetite!  Enjoy the pics!

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