Friday, May 21, 2010

Saying Good-Bye

Our trip to the beach started a little earlier than expected.  We got the call that my grandma was not doing well and was not expected to make it.  We raced against the clock to be able to see her one last time.  We made it here and we were able to say our good-byes.  She was under the care of Hospice and it was a blessing to see how that wonderful program works!  I never fully understood what they were before.  Yesterday evening I went in and told my grandma we were going to the hotel for the evening and about 1 hour later she slipped peacefully away.  Now she is Heaven and having a blast!  The girls were able to see her and they understand she is dead but they natrually had a lot of questions.  The Genius was worried about her Nana and how Nana would feel.  She also thought that Heaven had a phone and Nana could call her Mommy.  The Hippie was pretty sure that Her great-grandma has no more wrinkles and is enjoying her Heavenly party.  All the family seems to be holding up really well.  Everyone is understandably exhausted.  Tomorrow my husband gets the honor of being a pall-bearer for her.  I am praying it will be a special day with good weather.  Please keep my mom and her brothers in your prayers.

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