Saturday, May 1, 2010

Decision Time

For those of you who may not know....the Genius is a typical first-born child and VERY type A personality. I think it will serve her well in life. A few days ago she was talking about her upcoming birthday. She was going through a cookbook and had found some cupcakes she liked. But she was feeling conflicted because she also LOVES a good cake. She really, really loves cake. Once I had made a cake and we came in and found her singing to it. The kid loves cake! So choosing her birthday cake is a really big deal to her and she must get it just right! Last year we had a cupcake bar. I made chocolate cupcakes and then we set out icing and tons of sugary toppings and everyone got to build their own! But this year she wants something differnt. So, a few days ago she says, "My birthday is coming right up (it's really in June! Ha!) and I need to make a decision about my cake. I will decide on may 1st." I had forgotten this and this morning I went to get a cup of coffee. As I passed the calendar I said, "Wow! It is May 1st already!" The Genius sits up and says, "Oh my word! I have got to decide about my birthday cake today!" LOL! You have just got to love her!


Trinka said...

I just LOVE these stories. :) The girl is a natural. I believe I will turn my household paperwork over to HER when she masters reading more than 3 syllable words. :)

Anonymous said...

lol... I was thinking the same thing this morning, only my birthday is in May! ... And not about cake, but about what I'm going to do so we can start saving and planning. ;)
Your children are adorable. I can't wait to "see" all they teach the new little man!

Kim M. said...

So, what did she decide on?