Sunday, March 13, 2011

What do little girls dream of?

Well, if you are the Hippie....all kinds of things.  She dreams about people, animals and just plain crazy things!  She gets it from her mom.  I have always had weird dreams and as a child I had a lot of very vivid and scary dreams.  I ended up in my parents room...a lot!  The Hippie is the same way.  She ends up coming into our room at least once a week.  Recently she had a bad dream and even though it is kinda morbid, I also thought it was pretty stinking cute!  She dreamed that I died (no, I thought that was horrible!).  But Daddy did not know how to cook anything.  All of our kids were hungry and Daddy could not figure out how to feed them and that really scared her. LOL!  Maybe I have a horrid sense of humor, but I honestly thought it was kinda cute!


Trinka said...

awwww ... poor little Hippie! :)

*Ross and Katy* said...

Well, I'm sorry that you died, but I think it's cute the part that scared her was that daddy couldn't cook! Good thing it was just a dream :)