Sunday, March 6, 2011

Round 2

Well, the Professor is sick again.  Thursday his cough (which he has had since the ear infection) got worse.  Friday it was a little more worse and we debated on taking him to the doctor, but since he was eating and playing opted not to.  Saturday he woke up and sounded awful!  We eventually drove him 30 minutes away to Urgent Care.  We were fortunate because the place was not busy at all.  He got right in and was given a breathing treatment and 2 meds.  He was diagnosed with Bronchitis.  But she said he could be on the edge of getting RSV or pneumonia.  She said if he seemed worse to not mess around, just take him to the ER.  This morning he was wheezing and when he coughed it sounded like he would drown.  So we took him to the ER.  They gave him another breathing treatment and sent us home with an inhaler.  That inhaler helped him SO much!  He was able to eat food again and just perked up within an hour.  While I am beyond thankful to have easy access to healthcare, I do hate having our little guy on all these meds, but I am also very thankful because we were holding our breath every time he coughed.  Hope everyone else is staying healthy!


Trinka said...

So thankful he's on the mend again! It's no fun being on medication, but I often think back to the time (which some among us can still remember!) before antibiotics when people got simple, basic stuff, and DIED from it. Can you imagine?

Thankful for penicillin and all its children!!!

Meds, in the hands of a skilled doctor, are one of the blessings we so often forget because we've been raised in a generation that HAS them.

So ... just a different perspective, in hopes it will make you feel at least a LITTLE better. :)

*Ross and Katy* said...

I'm so sorry he's still sick :( That's no fun at all. I can't even imagine having to take him to the ER as little as he is. Thank goodness you were able to be seen and get medicine and that he's responding to it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he's well again soon :)