Saturday, March 26, 2011


I have weaned the Professor onto a cup!  We have not nursed in almost two weeks now.  He pretty much will only drink from a straw cup but that is fine with me.  He also hates formula and refuses to drink it (can't blame him) so I am still pumping.  But the little guy has teeth and he was a biter.  Nothing was getting him to stop.  I have had to supplement some because the pumps are just not as effective as a baby.  We have been using goats milk.  I am sure some of you think that is totally freaky, but the research says otherwise.  He loves it!  We are also introducing whole milk, full fat, organic yogurt.  I cannot wait to see what he thinks of it!  Even though it was hard on ME emotionally to quit nursing him, he handled it just fine! He had one sort of fussy day and that was it.  In fact, he seems much more content now.  He was getting up 1-2 times a night and now he is sleeping 11 hours EVERY single night and has completely put himself on a schedule!  This served as a good reminder to me that in parenthood things never go as planned.  I nursed the Professor longer than either of the girls and had planned to nurse him for the first year.  But, things change.  Life happens.  Part of being a parent is being able to let those expectations go and realize that it really is ok.  You plan to not let your child have sweets til they are two, but someone slips them some ice-cream, it really will be ok.  You never want to yell, but one day you do, but guess what?  It really is ok!  Our kids are well-loved, happy, healthy and surrounded by friends and family who love them and we could not ask for more...except for a job for my husband =)
Have a great weekend!


Trinka said...

No sweets 'till 2? no one-year-old mashing birthday cake picture? :)

*Ross and Katy* said...

11 hours of sleep? WOOHOO!! That sounds awesome! I know it had to be hard to stop nursing, but that has to be a good reward :)