Thursday, March 3, 2011


Are you blessed with a good friend or friends?  I do not mean the kind you meet up with if you have nothing better do and they don't really annoy you.  I mean, the kind of friends you can count on.  When something really great, or awful, happens to you their name comes to mind.  Obviously, my husband is that for me.  He is always there for me and he really does listen to me.  But, I am talking about your girl friends.  I am very fortunate because I have four of those kinds of friends.  Four people who are the ones who get my calls and emails when things are going good, bad, or simply because I want to talk.  Unfortunately, NONE of them live near me.  We have moved away from all of them.  They are 4-20 hours away.  One of my dearest friends is Belinda.  We talk almost every week.  I know that if I need her I can call at any time...and she means it.  When she says she is praying, she means it.  She has 5 wonderful boys.  When she just had 3 boys, we dreamed of being pregnant together.  That dream did come true for us, the Professor and he youngest boy are 2 months apart in age, but we were not in the same state any more so we relied on phone calls etc.  Belinda and I are still very close and have not seen each other in THREE YEARS.  That is about to change.  In June, her husband came up with the idea of going out of their way on a family vacation so we can reunite our families!  To say I am excited is just an underestimate.  I was crying when we hung up.  I cannot wait to see her and her family!!! I will get to hold her "baby" for the first time, but he will already be a year old by then.  She will see our girls and meet the Professor for the first time.  I just cannot wait!  I hope that all of you are blessed with friends like mine!!!! 


Trinka said...

I'm so glad you guys are going to get that time together!!!!!

I'm betting you'll be SO anxious for June to get here!!!!

*Ross and Katy* said...

How exciting!!! I also have four best friends, but they are all within 5 hours and the same state so I'm pretty lucky :)

Enjoy every second when you get to see her!