Saturday, April 3, 2010

Will he match?

The other day the Hippie says, "Mommy, most people in most families have the same color skin but not every family is like that. So do you think our brother will match us or will he get the pretty brown skin?" What a cutie!!! I told her I was pretty sure he would match us =)
I got to hear his heartbeat at my appointment the other day. It was first appointment I had gone to alone in months! I went alone because they were doing the 1 hour glucose screening and I did not want the girls sitting in a lab for an hour. It was such a neat appointment though I was really bummed that none of my family was with me. They started talking to me about monitoring my fetal kick counts, what to do if I am in preterm labor and gave me info on getting a tour of labor and delivery! I was shocked! It makes it feel like he is so close to coming! To top it off when she listened to heartbeat he was laying sideways. She put the machine right over his little heart and it sounded kinda weird. It almost sounded like a clink. I asked her what it was and she said, "That is the sound of his tiny valves opening and closing just like they should." I was crying! It was such a special moment just laying there listening to our sons heart working that way! Then he started pummeling the machine and she had to stop! =)
I have some cleaning to get done because my husband and I have a date tonight! Have a great Saturday everyone!!!!!

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