Saturday, April 17, 2010


On April 30th my husband will re-enter into the world of civilians again! It will be interesting to see where God is leading us.
Today is Saturday though and the girls get to go to MOKI! They are very excited and we are looking forward to a few hours alone together. One week from today is my baby shower!!! I am so excited! It is hard to believe, but we are 29 weeks along and will meet our son within the next few months. This pregnancy has just flown by! The girls are really getting excited to meet their brother. On Monday they are going to a class for siblings and they get to learn about having a new baby in the house and what they can do to help etc. I think they will really enjoy it!
Well, I am going to go get the paper and look for some garage sales to hit today! Have a great Saturday and stay tuned to our blog to follow our adventures into the unknown!


Vikki said...

A class for siblings? How cool is that! I know I said it before, but congrats on the new little one!

Claire said...

Kristin, we are praying for a smooth and very successful transition for all of you. We never know where this twisty-curvy road of life takes us, but we know that or spiritual walk is straight and narrow. God never calls you into something and out of something without a purpose, and just as Moses learned in the desert, where He leads, He will always provide in abundance! (((hugs)))

We will be reading your future posts with great anticipation at what our wonderful Lord will be accomplishing through your beautiful family!

Trinka said...

Praying for God's very BEST in where He takes you from here. Looking forward to meeting #3 too!!!

Aprille said...

check out 70-something. Not 707 but really close to there...FREEMAN LAKE ROAD. I know it's out of the way but trust me it will be worth the drive. They have a TON of baby stuff and clothes and most of it is for baby boy.

Morgan said...

I just know God's plan for you guys is going to be great!! ((( HUGS )))

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to "meet" him too! That class sounds neat, I wish I had heard of something like that for J before B was born!
I'm not worried about the transition back to Civilian life. I know you guys can handle everything life throws at ya, and you're going to do great getting back there! :) I am always praying for you guys and like I said the other day, I'm here for ya!