Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Things they say and do

A few little heart melting moments to share with you.

The Genius colored a picture for her brother the other day. She even wrote "To Baby From Sissy". She went and laid it in his room!

The Hippie gave me a huge hug as we finished up home-school yesterday. She said, "If we went to regular school I wouldn't spend as much time with you huh Mommy? I am glad you teach us so I can be with you and hug you. I love you Mommy!"

Then as we were making granola I said, "I wish I had an apron so I had something to wipe my hands on." The Hippie said, "I know what I am getting you for Mother's Day and I can because of that card Ms. Debra gave us." (Remember the gift card they got at my baby shower?) It was the first time the girls have EVER gotten a gift card and they understood they could spend it however they wanted and she wanted to spend it on me. I got so choked up I had to hug her so she wouldn't see. She said, "You can let go now Mommy." Ha! When I told my husband about it he said that as soon as we got home from the baby shower, the Hippie told him she wanted to use her card to get me a Mother's day gift.

We have such great kids and they are such a blessing!


Anonymous said...

Aww... I choked up a little as I read that! The first time Jacob spend the money out of his piggy bank he had twice the amount he needed for (I think he was buying a monster truck) and it was right around my dad's birthday, so he got his Monster Truck, a card, & a snickers bar... Are you going to hang the picture up in the nursery? I would! :)

Kim M. said...

You are so blessed to have such sweet girls! I just know your little man will be sweet too :)