Wednesday, April 21, 2010

If you are having a rough day...

don't you find that your kids can make it all seem so much better? When the girls were smaller, if we got stressed, we would dance with them or tickle them and listen to their belly laughs! Now that they are older we get so much enjoyment just listening to them and watching them. Yesterday was a rough day for my husband and I. The girls cheered us up!
The Hippie picked me a huge vase full of weeds, oh, I mean beautiful flowers! =) Best part, she hands them to me with grubby, dirt covered hands and lisps, "These are for you Mommy. I will get you some water." Those weeds, er, flowers were the center piece for our table last night.
When the girls were out playing I asked what they were doing and they were building home for their "pet" worms.
We met some friends at McDonald's yesterday and my friend treated the kids to ice cream cones. While they were eating, I listened as our respective 5 year olds carried on a 5 minute conversation about how to eat an ice cream cone!
Moments like these are the best things in life!
Hope you have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Oh.. I'm sorry you guys had a rough day! :( I agree though. When I'm in a slump and I get that toothless grin from B or J tells a joke, it makes things so much better! :) I can't understand people who say their kids are a burden.. Mine are a blessing. They make life so much sweeter, even on their bad days!

Anonymous said...

Hope today is better. Two sweet girls
Did Daddy tell you that I found a
nest of baby rabbits. So cute!!!!

Kim M. said...

hope you've had a better day today!