Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Mother's Day Tradition

When our oldest was just about 9 months old we started a Mother's Day tradition. My husband had asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day. I told him I would rather DO something as a family and not do gifts etc. So we came up with the zoo and every year around Mother's Day we all go to a zoo together. The girls are old enough now to remember the tradition and look forward to it. I love it because it always relaxing and fun and we build so many memories on those trips. Yesterday my husband surprised us by coming home early and announcing we were all going to zoo!!! It was one of the best zoo trips ever! We went in the afternoon and it seemed like every single animal was up and moving! We saw a Sumatrin Tiger and he walked along his fence about 5 feet in front of us! He was beautiful and so much smaller than the Siberian tigers. The penguins were swimming right in front of us! When we got to the gorillas a trainer was in there and she would show this HUGE gorilla a picture on her digital camera and he would do "tricks". He scratched his head and waved and did other tricks. The girls were very impressed! When we went into the Lorikeet exhibit the lady warned us that the birds were young and extra friendly. As soon as we walked in a Lorikeet landed ON TOP OF MY HUSBAND'S HEAD!!! The girls and I were laughing SOOOOO hard! The bird nibbled on his ear, tickled his neck, chewed on his sunglasses and then hopped onto his backpack! Eventually we had to get the lady to help get the bird off! Later when we got to the elephants their handlers were in their cage and making them get into their pool. There was a mommy, daddy and baby elephant. As they were walking to the pool we got to see the baby wrap it's trunk around the mommy's tail! Then they all got into the pool and they were absolutely adorable! They would go all the way under water, roll around, splash and play. We could have stood forever just watching them. It was a great trip and a wonderful surprise! To finish off the perfect day we all had ice cream on the way home!
Do any of you have Mother's Day traditions?


Kim M. said...

My kids and hubby always make me breakfast in bed. It's fun and something we don't usually do since we don't eat in our beds :)

Kristen & Cliff said...

You don't usually eat in your beds??? Why not? LOL! I don't think we have ever eaten in ours! Hope you get a great breakfast this year!