Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Surgery and Sweetness

Yesterday morning the Genius had her laser surgery. My husband was able to take her this time and he got to enjoy her silliness after she takes the "goofy juice". Afterwards he took her out for a special breakfast. The Hippie and I stayed home and had a special time together. She picked donuts for breakfast, we colored, took a walk/bike ride and made a quick trip to the store. None of us like surgery days, but yesterday was not too bad. We are all tired on surgery days because we have to get up so early. Both girls get nervous. The Genius wants her little sister to be with her and doesn't understand why she cannot come. The Hippie gets worried that something will happen to her Sissy. That makes my husband and I feel sad. After the surgery we are all still tired and the Genius is pretty low energy (since they put her totally under). All in all, it just makes for a long day. I would say yesterday was the exception though. One of the Genius' friends dropped off a balloon and HUGE goodie bag for both girls! The Genius said, "Wow! We sure are lucky to have friends like this!" Then they spent a few hours playing with the stuff inside. I even took a 30 minute nap! I had at least 4 friends and family members call and check on us. Plus we had a few emails just saying people were praying for her. It really made the day go much better. We even had a nice family dinner!!
The other sweetness happened at bedtime. We had hugged and kissed the girls and the Genius came running back to me. She hugged my tummy and said, "Goodnight Baby Brother!" It was soooo sweet!!! Then this morning she woke up and heard her daddy in the nursery. She went in and said, "You should set up the crib and surprise Mommy!" He said she should do it. After he left on his run she went upstairs and set up the baby's bassinet! We actually have a real crib to set up too, but still, it just doesn't get much sweeter than that!!!! A GREAT way to start off a Wednesday for sure!!!!


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

What sweet babies you have. :) It makes things so much better when you know you have friends and family praying for you! :) Thanks for visiting and entering my Giveaway! Hope you'll be again soon. :)

Kristen & Cliff said...

Thanks Amanda!!!!