Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter 2010

I hope that everyone had a lovely Easter! We sure did! We had church and the girls were beautiful in the dresses from Nana and Gampy! After church we hit up Kroger and did our shopping for the week. We kept our lunch super simple! I made some homemade wheat bread. It was SOOOO good! We ate the entire loaf together! We all did some yard work and around dinner time several of our friends came over. We had 8 adults and 10 kids! It was crazy and fun! We had smores, hot dogs, grilled cheeses, chips and even some roasted peeps! Everyone had such a great time and it wore the girls out! We have such a nice group of friends too because all our friends and their kids pitched in and helped clean up before they all left. So 10 minutes after everyone had gone the girls were bathing and everything was back where it belonged. It was an incredible Easter!!!!


Anonymous said...

Okay... So did you try the roasted peep? I bet it was yummy! Like a roasted marshmallow coated in caramelized sugar! Oh man.. I'm going to steal peeps from the kiddo now! lol ;)

Kristen & Cliff said...

Steph - No I do not like peeps (or marshmallows either). Our friend who tried it said he would not eat another one but his 7 year old son seemed to HIGHLY approve if the peep all over him means anything! LOL! It was amazing to watch! They cooked soooooo fast!

Anonymous said...

Rjoasted Peeps!!!!!

Your dresses are very pretty