Thursday, November 10, 2011

It goes on and on

If you missed it the first time, please go back and read about our baby' testimony.  We have set up a Memorial Fund in honor or our baby.  The money will be used to fund ultrasounds for women who are exploring their options.  Our hope is that our baby's brief life will save the life of another unborn child.  Well, our baby's testimony just grew! 
First, my grandpa made a donation to a Christian University in memory of our sweet baby.
Second, the pregnancy crisis center we set up the fund through contacted us.  They said that they were touched by our story and are including us in their upcoming newsletter!  Our dream now is that others will read about our baby and consider making a donation or volunteering.  Or maybe they too have been down this sad road of loss and miscarriage and perhaps our story can help bring some healing to them.
I am so honored at how God has been using our tiny baby to make a real difference.

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