Monday, November 7, 2011

Living up to his name

Actually living up to his nickname.  The Professor is really a smart little guy.  We chose his blog name when he was just a week or so old because of his facial expressions.  But maybe he really will be a professor.  He is certainly on the right track.  Or maybe he will be a famous chef?
One of his favorite foods is a smoothie, or "me-me".  He will ask for them.  But if I am in the kitchen and I start our blender....he comes running over exclaiming, "me-me! me-me!" and is so excited.  Today I asked if he wanted a smoothie for breakfast.  He followed me over to the kitchen gate and was watching me.  I add in the yogurt, some freshly sliced berries, the milk.  He starts whimpering and I said, "What's wrong buddy?'  He says, "nana...nana...mees".  Which means, "Banana, banana please?"  That smart little guy must have watched me often enough to know I ALWAYS put a banana in his smoothie and he was afraid I forgot!  He is brilliant...wouldn't you agree?

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Trinka said...

Of course ... how could he NOT be brilliant? :)