Saturday, May 14, 2011

A very important date!

Sorry the pictures are not any better...once again they were taken on my phone.  But today was a very, very special day!  My husband and I went on our first date in 2011 and our second date in the past year.  When we were employed we went out at least once a month...usually twice a month.  This has been so hard on us to not be able to go out.  Today my parents offered to keep all three kiddos, so off we went!  What did we do?  We splurged on a lunch out ($14), but that $14 bought us a loaf of fresh baked bread to eat on all week long!  We split a delicious sandwich.  It was so good.   Then we hit some local thrift stores and garage sales and finished it off with a fountain diet coke!  I know it may sound dull, but it was one of the best dates we have ever had!  We just felt giddy being out together.  It was amazing!!! I love my husband SO much and still get butterflies when we get to go on a date together. 
Here's hoping for another date real soon, because it had been way too long!


StephieD said...

You look amazing! :) I'm glad you guys got to go out, it's always nice to get away even if in the back of your mind you're wondering what the kids are doing at that second. Glad you have a great time!!!

*Ross and Katy* said...

How exciting! We don't have any kids yet and it's still rare when we go out to eat on a date because it's expensive. Your kinda date is the kind we usually choose :) I'm glad you got some alone time! And I'm sure your kids weren't too upset either...especially being spoiled by grandparents :)

Sara said...

that first picture might be blurry but the person in it is beautiful!!