Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Reminder

Today I got an email from the plastic surgeon.  We need to email him some photographs of the Genius.  Depending on what he sees it may be time for her next surgery.  I remember going to him and he told us that this would happen when she was older, at least a year down the road.  But I cannot believe that possibly the time is here.  We no longer live near this doctor, but he is THE only plastic surgeon we will take her to.  The poor girl is scared to death of doctors now, but she trusts this doctor.  He has treated her, and us, so wonderfully well.  He kept her from getting a skin graft done.  He is the best!  So, while it makes me sick to think of her having another surgery, I am thankful to have this doctor.  

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*Ross and Katy* said...

This is what makes you a good parent-you're willing to make a longer journey to get your daughter to the best doctor possible and one who she feels comfortable with. My mom did the same thing for me in high school when I needed some stuff done to my knee and seeing a doctor that I trusted made ALL of the difference in the world. Here's hoping the appointment goes ok :)