Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Welcoming Wednesday # 3 - Meet Kathlyn

I am excited about this interview.  Of all the interviews I have done, Kathlyn is the only one I know personally.  I am privileged to count her as a friend.  You can live your whole life and never find a friend like her.  She is absolutely one of the sweetest ladies I have ever known.  Our husbands were stationed together at Ft. Benning and Ft. Knox.  Now, we are FAR away and it has been over a year since I last saw her.  Kathlyn has a cute blog and you will find crafts, a very adorable boy named Caleb, learn about her walk with Christ and also meet her Army hubby Seth.  I hope you will enjoy this interview!  Since Kathlyn is a coffee drinker...why not grab a latte and read on!

Can you tell me about your family?  
I have a sweet little family of 3, although some days they are sweeter than others :)  My husband, Seth and I met in 
highschool and became good friends.
In college we started dating and the rest is history!
Our son, Caleb is almost two...which is really hard to believe. He is a funny fella and we love him to pieces.
  We are a Christian military family, currently stationed in Fort Benning Georgia. 
 We try to take one day at a time and make the most out of it!
I know you have an Etsy shop, but how old were you when you started crafting? 
I think I was crafting in the womb...haha.  
But seriously, I don't remember a time that I didn't enjoy doing something crafty.  
I grew up watching my mom and nanny sew and craft and I am sure that is 
 where my love interest of crafting came from.
Crafting for me is like working out for others.
You get addicted and then you can't imagine what your life would 
be like without it!  Now I wish I could transfer that to working out as well :-)
What is your favorite item to make for your shop?
Oooo...well my favorite items to make are the one of a kind, spur of the moment ones.  
Like this teapot for instance. 
 Seth had left for work and Caleb was still sleeping one morning.
So, I sat down at the coffee table with my blank slate (teapot) and started painting!
I also love these new juice glasses/votives that are a "one of a kind" item.

What is the most popular item that you sell?
By far, MUSTACHE MUGS!  People are realllllly
into mustaches right now!  I'm hoping to stay mustache free 
until this trend blows over, but I don't mind giving a mug a mustache :)

Are you doing anything special for the Holidays, either for your shop or for 
your family? 
The holidays are always a great time.  This is the busiest time of the year for my etsy shop 
because everyone is looking for unique gifts
for friends and family...and I must admit I enjoy being busy painting!
As for our family this year...we are going on a Christmas adventure to Texas.  We are
driving from Georgia to Louisiana and staying with some of Seth's cousins
and then we are driving the rest of the way to Padre Island Texas for Christmas 
 with Seth's family...we are super excited. Seth's mom is a fabulous cook and they also live right on the beach.
Plus, Seth hasn't seen his family in a year
and it will be a wonderful reunion. We plan on eating a lot, taking long walks on the beach

and spending time talking, laughing and catching up with family :)

What is your favorite Holiday tradition?

I don't have one but I plan to start one.  For Halloween/Thanksgiving we painted pumpkins as
a family and will continue to do that every year but I haven't thought of a good one yet for Christmas.  
Maybe we will do a cookie bake or some kind of painting craft
....who knows! We have a super cute "Cookies for Santa" platter
 that I will let him set cookies out on...and maybe a carrot or two for the reindeer :) 
 One thing I am really excited about is that this year Caleb will be able to sit and listen to the
 story of Jesus' birth.  The night before Christmas we plan on reading
him the story of Jesus...which for our family is the most important part about the holidays.
Now I just have to find a good book that will keep Calebs interest!
You can follow Kathlyn's adventures by visiting her blog
She has some great Etsy Shops too!  I hope you are enjoying this series as much as I am. 
Have a truly wonderful Wednesday!


Paula Kathlyn said...

Thanks Kristen! I'm so flattered :) You are a wonderful friend!

Mandee said...

Love those mustache mugs! Kathlyn does a great job with the products she makes! :)