Sunday, December 5, 2010

High Rollers

Our girls have been into board games lately.  It seems we all end up playing  game together at least once or twice a day.  Our favorites are Uno, Monopoly and Yahtzee.  Yahtzee is really an extension of the school day but they have tons of fun playing it!  We try and take it slowly and have them do a lot of the math.  Just from playing it the past few weeks, the Hippie has learned a lot of her doubles facts!  The Genius automatically knows 12 + 12 =24 just from playing!  Last night was our best game ever though.  We were playing and Daddy was winning.  The Genius was going for something where she wanted 6's.  As she prepares to roll the dice she states, "C'mon big number!!"  She sounded JUST like Bob Barker!! It was awesome! =)

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