Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Very Special Christmas

This was an amazing Christmas. We are so blessed!  My husband has been unemployed for 7 months now.  We only had $100 to spend on our entire Christmas.  We did not get anything for each other.  We wanted to spend it on the kids.  We got a small toy from Goodwill for the Professor and got the girls legos and board games from Craigslist.  After that we had some coupons to get some free items and I had a leftover gift card to get PJs for the kids.  That was all were going to have.  Then one very special friend and her kids went and sent us a HUGE box of gifts.  In it were clothes, mittens, hats etc.... She let me wrap them and we said they were from her daughter (who is friends with our girls).  Then another special friend and her husband and son sent us a gift card and told to get something for each of us.  Then there was the local church that contacted us and gave us food and clothes for the kids and some toys too!  Then my in-laws gave us money and my parents spoiled us with presents.  I cannot believe that all these people came together and enabled us to have an amazing Christmas.  Thank you all!!!!

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Kelly said...

I am glad you are so blessed in a a time where many people do not share good will to others. We have had Christmas's just like yours and it is heart warming and amazing to be on the recieving end. This year I tought my children a very valuable lesson, and that is to pay it forward. For the last few years we struggled like you and thier school helped us out so much, making sure we had a special holiday. This year we were able to pay it forward to a family that was where we were just a year ago. It flet so good to be able to help out this time around! God bless you and your family- Kelly of lite green momma