Friday, December 31, 2010

Weird Timing

There is this weird thing that has happened with each of our kids when they were getting ready to turn 6 months old. 
The Genius got a real bad flu bug.  She was so sick that we had to take her to urgent care.  It was short lived but no fun.
The Hippie was 6 days shy of turning 6 months old and she started coughing and breathing funny.  We took her in and she ended up getting emergency breathing treatments.  We brought her home with a nebulizer and had to wake her every 2 hours to give her breathing treatments. 
The Professor will be turning 6 months old very soon and Tuesday night we ended up taking him to the ER.  He had minor symptoms...drainage and a cough.  But he was so hot, not nursing and was very lethargic.  He had a fever of 103.8 when we took him in.  They ran a bunch of tests but it ended up being a plain ole' virus.  He is still trying to get 100% better.
My mom said maybe it is like a rite of passage for our kids.  I just think it is very weird.  Certainly a "tradition" I could live without.
Feel better soon Professor! Mommy wants to hear you laugh.

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