Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Welcoming Wednesday #2 - Amanda

Today continues my December series of meeting some wonderful ladies that you may not have heard of.  Before you meet Amanda, make sure you have entered my Rockin' Green Giveaway!  I started following Amanda's blog awhile ago.  I am not crafty, but she is!  However, I find plenty of encouragement and neat tips.  She has some incredible giveaways and two very cute little girls.  I don't know how your weather is, but it is FREEZING here so grab some coffee, tea or hot chocolate and meet Amanda!

Can you tell me about your family?
T and I met before elementary school, started dating in college, and have been married for a little over 9 years. We have two daughters, Natalie and Michaela Byrd, and two small yappy dogs. I love being a stay-at-home mom, but it certainly has its trying moments. I spend a lot of time washing sippy cups. The blog is a real sanity-saver for me--I get to express myself and enjoy a creative outlet. I am teaching my girls to love Target at an early age.

How old were you when you started crafting? 
I've always loved drawing and doing crafty stuff, and I remember making storybooks by drawing pictures before I could write. If blogging were invented in the 80s, I think I would have loved just would have read a lot about Barbies and My Little Ponies.

What is your favorite item to make? 
I enjoy making over stuff I find at yard sales or thrift stores, like my Salvation Army Table Makeover. I'm still learning to sew, but I can do straight lines pretty well. Some of my favorite sewing projects have been my Drop Cloth "Pouf" Drapes, a Burlap Table Runner, and Simple Pillowcase Dresses.
 I know you are involved in Blessings Unlimited.  What made you get involved with this company?
I read a great post by The Nester  about a Blessings Unlimited Gathering she hosted back in May. The products looked beautiful, but I got sidetracked and never followed up with finding a consultant to purchase through. When some friends and I attended the MOPS Convention in August, Blessings Unlimited had a booth and I fell in love with the products all over again. Seeing things in person made such a difference!
The photos on The Nester's blog were beautiful, but getting to see what great quality everything was made me want to host a Gathering right then. Unfortunately, Blessings Unlimited (it's owned by DaySpring Christian Cards) is still a small company and there were no consultants in my area. My friends encouraged me to sign up as a new consultant and host some Gatherings of my own. Things have pretty much taken off! People might not know that the company is before they attend a party, but when they see all of the items I have (I'm amassing a nice collection!), they get really excited about the products.
I'm taking some time off in December to enjoy the Christmas season with my family, but my Blessings Unlimited site  is always up and available for anyone to purchase through. You can even view the catalog by clicking on "Our Products."

  Are you doing anything special for the Holidays?
I get to host Thanksgiving dinner for the first time this year! December is always oldest has a birthday and I always go on a day-long Girls' Trip to NYC with a friend or two to shop and see the city. We host any and all family members who are in town for a dessert buffet on Christmas Eve. That's probably my favorite thing...after all the food is out, we can relax and enjoy each other as one big family. No pressure, no running around. 
What is your favorite Holiday tradition?
I'm on pins and needles for my annual I {Heart} New York trip  and I love watching Christmas movies with my girls. They like the old Christmas flicks like Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph. My favorites are A Charlie Brown Christmas, Holiday Inn, White Christmas, and A Christmas Story--we watch that one on Christmas Eve.  
Thanks for the interview Amanda!  I enjoyed getting to know her better.  I hope you all did too.  Please take the time to be encourage, and inspired, at her blog.  
Have a blessed Wednesday! 


Mary Joy said...

Amanda is so wonderful! I love her blog and am a loyal follower or her crafting, inspiration and sense of humor that always makes me stop and laugh and even get the giggles.

Reading her blog is like sitting down with a girl friend and having wonderful coffee chat.

Great job interviewing her!!! Nice to meet YOU too! :D


Mary Joy

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Such a great interview! What a lucky girl Amanda is to get a fun girls' day in the city every year! I bet the city is beautiful this time of year! That dessert buffet sounds like such a fun time too:)

Kristen & Cliff said...

Thanks Mary Joy! I snuck over and checked out your blog too =) That is all part of the fun!
Amazing post you had up today. Thanks Mary Joy!

FrouFrouBritches said...

Great interview with Amanda! She's one of my favorite bloggy people. Love her sense of humor and craftiness!! AND, I'm totally envious of her NY trip!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Love Amanda! This is a great interview, and though I've followed her for a good long time I even learned something!