Friday, November 5, 2010

Why I Cried Last Night

Last night the Genius performed at her school for the second grade musical.  Notice I used the word performed.  Our little girl was up on the stage in front of HUNDREDS of people!!! She did the motions, she sang, she even hammed it up a teeny bit!  You could not tell that she has Selective Mutism!  There were no weird facial expressions and she was happy!  I just sat there crying.  I was the only one crying.  But I was remembering about 4 years ago watching her in a preschool musical where her anxiety had her frozen and she made this weird face the whole time and had zero fun.  Last night was amazing!!! She is kicking her anxiety to the curb!  I wish this meant it was the end, but she still has a ways to go as she does not speak at all at Awanas or to her piano teacher or to our neighbors, but she is making huge progress and we are so stinking proud!!! Love you sweetie!!!


StephieD said...

Ok, I'll admit it... I cried too! Way to go Genius, I'm so excited for her and for you, Mom!

Kristen & Cliff said...

Thanks Steph! We are so thrilled for every bit of progress!