Monday, November 8, 2010

Oh What a Night

Today was a beautiful fall day.  When the girls got home from school, my husband chucked their backpacks and took them outside to play.  It started out so wonderfully!  When the Professor woke up, I grabbed him and we went out to join them.  As we rounded the corner I heard the Genius screaming.  Loudly.  I saw my husband carrying her and there was a lot of blood.  We got her to the garage and started examining.  She had gotten hit with a broken swing and she had a nick above her eye.  It was not too bad of a cut but there was a LOT of blood.  Plus the cut was wide.  The Genius is allergic to adhesive.  So she cannot have band aids or medical tape.  My husband took her to the Emergency Room.  She only ended up with one stitch but for the poor kid it was quite the ordeal.  She was shaking all over.  She said, "My legs shook every time someone came in the room but Daddy".  The Hippie was here at home terrified.  She kept talking about how Sissy had bled just like the dog wreck and was it taking a long time because something happened to Sissy and how did I know that Sissy was ok.  The Professor was grumpy and glum because of his shots.  Here's hoping tomorrow will be better!


Kendra Wheeler said...

aww my poor girl :'(

Trinka said...

Poor kids (all 5 of you!). :(

karen said...

Ugh, I am so sorry!