Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Small, small world

Now I bet you have "It's a small world after all" running through your head. Ha!!!
With my husband being unemployed this year I am having to be very creative in shopping for the kids.  I have been hitting craigslist.  My sister-in-law lives in a different state and in a bigger city.  I found two postings there that we wanted to get.  She said she was willing to get them for us and bring them here at Thanksgiving.  She paid for and picked up the first item (a set of Legos).  I contacted the people with the second lot (some board games).  I was explaining how we would be sending my sister-in-law as we lived in a different state.  They replied back, "Oh, is your sister-in-law ******?"  "um, yes."  "Cool.  We are going to her house tonight and will deliver the games!"  Now tell me, how WILD is that???? Anyone else have any small world stories like this?

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