Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!
This year I am thankful for-
My amazing husband! I love him more than ever.  He is so good to me and is a wonderful father to our kids.  He works hard for us and takes good care of us all.
For the Genius! She is so smart! I love watching her learn to play piano and learn to be a big sister to TWO.  She brings so much happiness into our lives.
For the Hippie! She is a free spirit!  I love the way she keeps us on our toes and love watching her learn how it is being a big sister.
For the Professor! He is a sweet and strong little boy.  I love watching him light up and laugh at his family.
For all my family and friends.  I love them more than they can ever know.

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jess said...

So neat seeing how the Lord provides! What a sweet testimony. Good for you writing it down right away with all the details!