Saturday, November 20, 2010

Who's Laughing Now?

Our girls have a real cute sense of humor.  They just do not get jokes.  Their sense of humor is more like this.  "Knock, Knock." "Who's there?" "Apple."  "Apple who?"  "I like applesauce!" Then they laugh and laugh!!  So today we were doing some deep cleaning and reorganizing here at home.  I was helping the Genius go through her privacy box and empty it out some.  The stuff she collects is just amazing.  She had this bendy little cheap snowman thing from LAST Christmas in there.  She pulled it out and started giggling.  She says, "mommy! Look! It says 'Jesus loves you snow much' Isn't that funny?  See, they took the word the 'so' and added some letters and spelled 'snow' instead! Hahahahahaha!"  Snow, I better get off but have a berry good night.


Trinka said...

I think the ability to tell and understand jokes develops in late elementary school. Remember those "joke" books from Scholastic? That's the years those things seemed to be the big thing. :)

"snow" ... HAH - HOW FUNNY ... THEY JUST ADDED some letters!!! WOW ... LIKE "BERRY" ... they are SNOW clever. See? I just did the same thing. I took "So" and changed it to "SNOW". Did you see that I did that? Wasn't that funny?

Luke said...

Yes, humor is one of those tricky things [smile]. That is good times.