Monday, August 2, 2010

The Professor's First Trip and the Cloth Diaper Experience

We took an overnight trip.  It was TWO firsts.  It was the professor's first overnight trip AND our first trip using cloth diapers. 
The Professor handled the trip quite well!  He travelled well.  Ate when took breaks AND kept to his normal routine in the evening.  Plus we got to show him off to friends who had not met him yet!  The girls were excited to introduce their friends to him as well.  When I locate our camera (and have time) I have some VERY cute pictures to post.
About the cloth went great!  We had plenty of diapers and I used my BIG wet bag for storing the dirties.  We got to show the diapers to our friends and who knows...maybe they may consider cloth someday.  We were determined to use cloth diapers to save money but I did not expect to love using them!  They are so easy and extremely cute too =)

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