Monday, August 16, 2010

Time Keeps On Ticking

Time is just flying right on by.  The Professor is already pushing 6 weeks and the girls are just about ready to start school! 
We are so thankful that we decided to try them for a year in public school.  We have been so hesitant, partly because many teachers are unfamiliar with Selective Mutism and many schools do not want to work with  the parents and/or child to help them.  The school the girls will be going to have just been incredible so far!  They told us there is actually another child with Selective Mutism attending and they had a child LAST year with Selective Mutism.  Both of the girls teachers have already made contact with us and invited the girls to come in for some one-on-one time with them.  So, both girls have met their teachers and been into their classrooms.  The teacher for the Genius even let her pick out her desk and choose who gets to sit next to her.  When we went to drop off some paperwork the principal already knew who they were!  We have met with the guidance counselor and she introduced the girls to all the teachers in their grades and to the lunch ladies.  We have just felt so blessed at the amount of support being shown so far. 
As for the girls, they just cannot wait to head out to school! LOL!
The Professor is doing really good.  He is moving out of his 3 month clothing already!  He is starting to get some little baby rolls.  He smiles and coos and is just starting to discover his hands.  He loves his sisters and loves his Daddy to take him on late night walks! LOL!  The other night I took the girls to a Mommy/Daughter tea party and my husband had the Professor.  He took him out and gave him his second bottle and my husband got himself a burger and shake....he felt it was guy bonding time =).  The Professor is having some good nights and some bad nights.  I look forward to intoducing cereal.  I hope when we do that he sleeps longer!
Have a great Monday!

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Morgan said...

That sounds wonderful! I am so happy for the girls and for you all as well! Can't wait to hear all about it! We love you all and miss you all as well! Give hugs to everyone from us!