Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Here's Looking at YOU

Isn't the Professor adorable?  He is such a good baby too!  On Sunday my parents kept all three kids for the first time and my husband and I went out on a late anniversary date!  We had some yummy Chinese food for lunch, did some birthday shopping for the Genius and finished the date with a yummy diet coke!  The Professor did great while we were gone.  He drank a bottle and his Gampy loaded him up in the stroller and took him for a walk.  It was so sweet to come home from our date and see the Professor sitting outside with Gampy and the girls were playing with Nana.  It felt so wonderful to finally have some alone time with my hubby!  The Professor slept through the night once and so far has not repeated it.  I do admit that he IS sleeping better, but sure will be thankful when I can sleep all night long again. 
The girls first dday of school went well for them.  They were not super excited about it, but I am hoping that is just gets better and better for them both.  The Hippie kinda thought school was a one time thing.  But she seemed ok with returning today.  I cannot wait to pick them up and hear all about it!


Cathy said...

Had to laugh at her thinking school was a one time thing! My little one started Kindergarten this year and I understand how hard it is.

Trinka said...

Shopping for the Genius already? Poor little Hippie ... birthday forgotten ... ;)