Friday, August 6, 2010

Big News

The Genius and the Hippie have some big news!  They are going to be going to public school for this school year!  It was a decision that came from 2 years of therapy and WHOLE bunch of prayers.  We plan to home-school again next year.  But we are hoping that a year in the public school system will help them with their Selective Mutism.  Since our move back in May, both girls have made HUGE strides!  The Genius talking at camp, both girls going to camp alone, they are talking to neighbors and both are speaking in Sunday School etc.... They even got on the church stage at VBS and the Genius loved it!  We are praying that this year in school will help overcome the Selective Mutism.  They may always be a little on the "shy" side or something but we would love them to talk to kids and their teacher.  Both girls are super excited!  I am nervous about it but feel very good about the school they will be in.  It is a public school but it seems most of the teachers are Christians.  Being a small community the teachers seem to know most of the kids in the grade they teach.  This has been a very difficult decision for us but we do feel peaceful about...for the most part! LOL!  We are by no means turning our backs on home-school though.  We love doing it and I cannot wait to resume it again in the future!  For now though I hope the girls have a great year and make some good friends and gain all kinds of confidence!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! :) And if something happens you can always start homeschooling in the middle of the year, right? I hope that it does work and the girls can move past the Selective Mutism., I know you can't wait for them to get home every day and tell you how they did!!!!

Aprille said...

this is awesome! I'm so happy for your girls!

Morgan said...

That is awesome!!! Are they super excited?