Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Hippie Does Camp

We took the Hippie to her camp which was exactly 24 hours long.  We were so nervous dropping her off.  Leaving her was very difficult.  I was convinced we would be getting a call from the counselors, but she made it the whole time!!! They said she didn't say 10 words while she was there.  We were disappointed to hear that.  But she had a great time anyways!  They said they had never seen a kid have more fun than her. They said she never stopped smiling the entire time!  They were all in love with her (how could they not be????)!  All the teens were fawning over her and hugging her (she tends to bring this out in people).  They said she was so good but got a little aggressive when they played with water balloons! Ha!  This did not surprise us at all! LOL!  I am so pround of both our girls for having their first Christian Camp experiences!!!!


Paula Kathlyn said...

I am so glad to hear that she had a good time! I know how happy that makes you all :-)

Paula Kathlyn said...
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