Saturday, July 3, 2010


The Genius had 4 family groups during her time at camp.  Each group was able to choose their own name.  I was asking her about it.  She told me the other three Family groups were called....."The Family of Christ", "The 12 Disciples" and "The Disciples".  So, I was left wondering...what name did her family group choose?  Ready for it.... "The PT Cruisers" LOL! My husband and I were laughing so hard!  We got so tickled at that!
We are rapidly approaching the end of the day and no action with the baby yet.  I have had several contractions today but nothing that felt very serious or anything.  Feel free to post some comments on guesses for his weight etc....  The girls were 8.5 and 8.7.  Will he be smaller, about the same or larger?  Our youngest was 2 weeks early and 8.7.  It could be interesting! 


Anonymous said...

he's gonna be 9 lbs!

Paula Kathlyn said...

8lb 2oz!!! 20 1/4" :-)

Kristen & Cliff said...

Wow Kathlyn! You are specific! Since you dreamed he was a boy before we were even pregnant I am anxious to see how close you are!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathlyn, I did the same thing! I knew I was pregnant about 2 weeks before we found out... Too bad I didn't dream we were having a boy! lol..
Hmm... I'm thinking he's going to be big, since all the boys that I know that have been born lately have been close to 9 (including Ben!)