Friday, July 16, 2010

Finding the Balance

I can honestly say bringing home the third baby has been so much easier than the first two.  I know someone, it may have been my friend Belinda, told me the more you have the less impact it really makes to bring them home.  It has been true for us.  Both my husband and I are much more relaxed and we have a better idea of what to expect...what is realistic and what is wishful thinking!  It is still a daily effort to find the right balance.  Between a husband, two girls and a nursing school, cooking, laundry etc.  I think slowly I am finding my new limits and each day the baby grows a little more content and seems to be on a fairly predictable schedule of nursing every three hours.  Today has been the best day by far!  The baby was up every three hours during the night (midnight, 3 and 6:30).  He ate and went right back to sleep.  This morning my husband had an early meeting so it was up to me to feed the remaining four of us.  The baby played on his activity gym thingy and I got breakfast for the girls and I and even had time to eat mine before he got fussy!  Then we all got changed and did school.  I came home and made lunch (a yummy chicken chili) and now the baby is napping and I have granola cooking!  I never would have been able to accomplish even this much when the girls were newborns!  Now if I could find time for some pictures.....  I am hoping this weekend we can do a photo shoot of the girls and their brother!  Check back over the weekend and we may have some posted!  Happy Friday everyone!!!!!

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