Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2 weeks along and a few new favorites!

Baby 3 is already 2 weeks old!  Like with our girls, this time has been flying by!  We are still adjusting to life with a newborn again.  For the most part things are going really great though.  I am just now recovering from a round of mastitis.  That is not a fun thing to endure.  I am also learning how to get meals cooked with a baby who seems to want to nurse all the time! LOL!  Mostly it involves quick meals (like peanut butter sandwhiches) or crockpot recipes (YUM!).  My family is flexible and understanding and they are just happy that we all eat together.  Since it has been over 5 years since we had a newborn, much has changed in baby land.  I thought it would be fun to blog about my new favorites.

1. My Bravado Silk Seamless Nursing Bra!  It was on the pricey side when we bought it but I knew I would need one and this happened to be at a Buy One, Get one Half Price sale.  I tried this one and a different brand and wish I had just gotten two of the Bravado.  It is SO comfortable!  Every nursing mother wants a comfortable nursing bra since you wear one 24/7!  It fits so nicely under tank tops (I had a July baby so needed this!).  I have been thrilled with this bra and wish I had known about it 7 years ago!

2.  Our Giant Jogging Stroller .  We actually bought this before we were pregnant.  We are HUGE advocates of getting just a good jogging stroller and not bothering with any other kind.  We never use the others.  We wear the baby in a Snuggli or (when old enough) a baby backpack.  This jogger though has been great even for our newborn!  I have already been out on several walks.  Every time I take it out I find another reason to love it!  A good jogger is worth the money you spend on it.

3.  Our Fuzzibunz Cloth Diapers!  We have quite the variety of cloth diapers here, but so far the Fuzzibunz top our list!  They are soft, easy to use and easy to clean.  Even my husband prefers them!  I must also say my husband has jumped right into the world of cloth diapering with me and we are enjoying more than we expected to!

4.  Our Baby Einstein Play Mat.  This was actually given to us (it was used).  I really thought it would not be any better than the old one we use to have.  But I have been surprised!  Baby 3 already loves it!  He has spent up to 30 minutes at a time laying there staring the bright toys.  His sisters enjoy laying beside him and "teaching" him about what he is looking at.  It is easy to collapse and store and the bright colors draw his eyes and he just looks so happy when he is laying there.

5.  Last but in NO way least, my Udder Cover nursing cover!  I got the Jones patterned one.  I got it before we knew the gender.  I might have gotten the Carson or Porter if I had known but I am happy with the light colored fabric in this heat.  While I do not care for the name (LOL!) I could not be HAPPIER with my nursing cover!  With the girls, I never once nursed in public.  Now I take our baby boy where ever we need to go and my cover is with me 24-7!  I just wish I had more than 1!

What are your baby favs?


Anonymous said...

My favorite current thing is his Jumperoo! Ben LOVES it and sits it in for at least an hour at a time! This is the one we have:
I also love that we dont have a high chair, but a booster seat that buckles to our table for him to eat on...
This isn't the one we have, but it's pretty close:

Cayla said...

One of my baby favs (especially for a boy) is a wipe warmer. I thought it was such a ridiculous idea and we did not buy one prior to the birth. However, after getting peed on more times than I could count, and in the throes of sheer exhaustion, we broke down and got one. Best thing ever! Love it! We still got peed on occasionally, but it got dramatically better after using warm wipes...