Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Round and Round

Yesterday my mom took the girls on a bike ride up to the park.  They had a blast!  They asked her to spin them on the merry-go-round there.  Nana obliged and they loved it!  I guess the Hippie was laying down and watching the sky.  All was well...til the Hippie got off.  She got off and asked to go home.  Nana asked her if she felt ok and the Hippie threw up.  My poor mom cannot stand that either! LOL!  I guess we know she cannot handle too much spinning! =)
Today we took the girls strawberry picking!  All of us were out in the rain picking and picking.  I think we came home with 8 quarts.  I made some strawberry shortcake for my husband and my dad.  Then made my husband's favorite jam.  We still have 4 quarts left to play with too! 
Afterwards we went to my 36 week check up and had an ultrasound!  The baby looked perfect! We could see SOOOOOO much!!!  They estimate that he is around 6 1/2 pounds which would put him on track to be about the same size as the girls.  They were born at 8.5 and 8.7 pounds.  It was so fun and special to see!!!  The time is getting closer and closer!!!!

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